Magic Teeth Brace Instructions

The following instructions are for use with the Magic Teeth Brace product.

Please note the plastic teeth mold is designed to be used as a guide for the resin. Common mistake is wearing the plastic teeth mold as dentures, this is not correct.  The resin, after being put into hot water, will be flexible enough to form to your teeth with the help of the plastic teeth mold.

Step 1:  Insert resin inside the teeth mold and ensure the resin is evenly spread in the mold.

Step 2:  Using kitchen tongs, submerge teeth brace into hot/boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 3:  Let it cool so it is still warm to the touch.

Step 4:  Press the mold firmly into your teeth so that the resin is formed to your teeth.

Step 5:  Make a suction with your tongue to further press the mold to your teeth.

Step 6:  Let the mold sit on your teeth for at least 10 minutes. This allows the resin to cool and harden around your teeth.

Step 7:  Remove the plastic mold. The resin should now be in the shape of your teeth.

Step 8:  That's it! Enjoy your new photo perfect smile!