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Setup Instructions

This cleaning tool requires an air compressor between 80 to 90 psi for optimum performance. Do not exceed 90 psi.

Air compressor units can be rented or purchased from your local big box hardware store.

Always wear protective goggles or glasses to ensure safety when operating any machinery.

Insert the O-Ring to the inside of the liquid tank cap.

Fill the liquid tank with a liquid cleaner. For an effective homemade solution, use a 50/50 mix of bleach (or detergent) and water.

Connect to an air compressor hose until you hear a click that indicates the attachment is secured.

Turn on the air compressor and wait for the tank to pressurize until reaching ~90 psi. Then activate by pulling the trigger.

To activate the liquid cleaning spray mode, flip the Blue switch to the vertical position.

STEP #6 (optional)
To activate just air pressure mode with no liquid, flip the Blue switch to the horizontal position.

STEP #7 (optional)
Clean dirty areas with small strokes and use a microfiber cloth if needed to soak up excess water from fabrics.