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AirPure Air Purifier
AirPure Air Purifier
AirPure Air Purifier

AirPure Air Purifier

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Lightest & Smallest Purification Device In The World

AirPure provides complete protection by purifying the air we breathe and sterilizing the surfaces we touch.

Improve Sleep Quality - AirPure's advanced negative ionic air help relieve tension and improve one’s sleep patterns

Energy Saver - Consumes little energy with just 1.8W, that’s less than a LED light bulb.

Silent Mode - AirPure's advanced ionic air movement automation silently draws in the air around you for purification before it cleans and sanitizes the air.

Doesn't Require Maintenance - Doesn’t require the regular changing of filters which makes AirPure much more convenient to use.

Portable Size - Allows you to easily carry it with you wherever you go.