Arm Shaper Slimmer Compression Sleeves

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Product Overview

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Do you want arms that look like you have been working out in the gym?  With the Arm Shaper Slimmer Compression Sleeve, you can get more shapely arms that help to shrink the fat and give you attractive arms without the sag.  

This compression sleeve helps you to have better posture because it comes with shoulder straps that help to pull your back into position.  It is made of stretchy material that helps to compress your arm all the way above your elbows. 

This arm shaper does not only work with your arms, but it gives your breasts a lift and helps to control arm flap, so you get a three in one product for many of your problem areas!

Size      Sleeve Length       Bust size

  M                 55                    34''-38''

  L                  56                   39''-42''

  XL               57                   42''-46''

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