Auto Tracking Home Security Camera

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Product Overview

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Do you want to feel safe inside of your home?  With the Auto Tracking Home Security Camera, you can have 24/7 coverage of your home.  This camera offers a high resolution, 720P and 2MP.  It has a wide angle and has a large vertical rotation range.  This helps you to see more area so that you can be safe everywhere you are!

With the 355 degree horizontal and 70 degree vertical range, you can record all activity that is happening in your room or your area.  The camera constantly tracks to catch anything that is happening in the room.  When nothing is moving, the camera's "Smart Track," returns to the setting location but is alerted by both sound and motion.  

With your phone app, and the iOS Android app, you can see what is happening in real time.  This camera will alert you to any motion in the room and will capture life feed with sound.  

This camera is super easy to setup and requires wi-fi in order to work properly.  This Auto Tracking Home Security Camera can help you by allowing your remote to be built into you phone so that you can quickly access the camera.  

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