Automatic Foldable Fishing Net Trap

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Product Overview

Instantly Catch Loads of Fish with Automatic Fishing Net!

EASY TO USE - Portable, foldable fishing trap that easily baits and captures fish, shrimp, crab and more. Designed for use in saltwater and freshwater rivers, streams, oceans and ponds.

HIGH QUALITY MESH - Fishing net trap with 360° hole design for full bait coverage. Constructed of high-strength steel wires and high-quality nylon mesh for durability.

HOW TO USE - Just pull the string on the top and the net will open like an umbrella. Place food bait in the center and immerse into water.

FOLDABLE DESIGN - Can be folded to small size that is lightweight and portable.

EASILY CATCH ANYTHING - Great for catching all fish varieties, crayfish, smelt, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and much more!

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