Body Temperature Ring

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Product Overview

Know When Your Body Heat Increases - Constantly monitor your body temperature!

Fever Patrol Ring does not rely on electronics or batteries. It uses the chemical changes in the strip around the ring to change colour when your body temperature changes.

This change in color we refer to as your mood is an indicator of your body temperature. The simple operation is literally wear and use.

Knowing if you are hot or not is knowing your health. Know when to seek treatment by monitoring your body temperature and use official thermometers for diagnosing accurate reportable temperature to your doctor.

✅ Constantly available to indicate increases or decreases in body heat
✅ Simply wear and read temperature
✅ Lightweight, modern, ergonomic
✅ No batteries – not dependent on electrical supply
✅ Wearable and waterproof – fits most sizes, small, medium, and large

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