Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper for Facial Hair

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Product Overview

If you're tired of using traditional nose/ear hair trimmers because they rip the unwanted hair out rather than trim the hair, which is very painful.

if you've used tiny trimming scissors for years, yet every time you do so you're afraid you cut yourself, or you find getting rid of unwanted hair inside the nose very challenging because some of the hair is hard to reach.

Or maybe you want to make sure you don't look hideous.

Then Our nose/Ear Hair Trimmer Is A Must-Have...

Here's why

Dual-edge Blades With 360° Rotating Design

Our Ear and Nose hair trimmer quickly trims unwanted nose and ears hair without nicks or cuts. Compared with other single blades, our nose trimmer features dual-edge blades to ensure a fast and precise hair trimming with no pulling.

Take It Anywhere You Go

Our nose ear hair trimmer is small and portable. that means you can take it anywhere you go. A must-have trimming tool for business trips and personal travel.

Energy Efficient

This nose trimmer adopts a new motor with greater total power. The power-saving is increased by 25%,1 AA battery (not included) can be used for more than 6 months if use it 3.5 mins at a time

No hairy mess all over the sink!

Our best water-resistant design allows you to use this trimming tool in the shower and it makes clean-up afterward quick and easy; it's the best trimming and cutting tool you'll ever experience.

Go Out & Bloom With Confidence.

No more embarrassing moment during dates, at work, or parties! You deserve to be the best of yourself - handsome, refined, and stylish. Easily get rid of nose hair that pokes out painlessly, gently and quickly with our nose hair trimmer, go out and bloom with confidence.

Full Body Waterproof

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