EZ Stretch Beaded Hair Comb

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Product Overview

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The EZ Stretch Beaded comb is different than other clips because it is not only stylish, but is as comfortable as wearing a hair band.  If you fall asleep with this beaded comb, it will not cause unnecessary headaches or any type of strain. 

The EZ Stretch Beaded comb can be used for any hair type and can help to replace your uncomfortable hair clips.  With the double comb, it is perfect for those that have thick and thin hair.

One exciting thing about the EZ Stretch Beaded Comb is that it is easy to use and can help give your hair new style in seconds.  With there being a double comb, it can also save you money on having to purchase more than one comb.

This EZ Stretch Beaded Comb comes in different colors such as dark brown, tan and more and is made out of a wood like material.  Get your fashionable hair comb today!  



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