Floating Pet Fur Catcher

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Product Overview

GOOD HELPER: Simply drop these floating pouches in your existing washing machine and watch them fish out debris and lint. Your washed clothes and linens will be free from annoying by-products. No more time consumed for repeated washing of laundry again. 

REDUCE CLOG: Reduce the tendency of clogging by having an additional layer of filter to existing built-in ones and protects your expensive washing machines from unwanted breakdowns. 

REUSABLE: The pouch is made of quality nylon fibre mesh like modern laundry bags and could last with minimal care. Simply remove the trapped debris and rinse the net occasionally to avoid bacteria from manifesting. 

PET LOVERS’ FAV: The netting is large enough to contain and catch substantial amount of furry pet’s hair such as dogs, cats etc. It’s a great addition to smaller or mini portable washing machines ‘s limited hair filter bag. 


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