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Gesture Control Flying Drone
Gesture Control Flying Drone
Gesture Control Flying Drone
Gesture Control Flying Drone
Gesture Control Flying Drone

Gesture Control Flying Drone

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Open the switch, throw FireFly™ into the air and it will automatically go into flight and avoid any obstacles using its infrared obstacle avoidance mode. You can then tilt the smart-wrist remote control with your hand movements which enables simultaneous control of FireFly™, make it move forward or backward, ascend or descend, and you can even perform 360° flips with FireFly™, making it extremely fun to use.

✅ Safe To Use

Made of environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS material, safe enough for your kids as well as the environment, have a good time without trepidation.

✅ Operates Easily

If you or child are not confident with using the smart-wrist remote control in the beginning, you can simply turn FireFly™ on, throw it into the air to allow it to go into flight and you can just push FireFly™ around to fly by hand as it will move away from your hands automatically using its infrared obstacle avoidance mode. 

The infrared obstacle avoidance mode is a great way to get a feel for the drone's movement and its speed at the beginning. And when you're done, simply push the yellow water droplet remote control to let it land slowly on its own. (Just make sure that it is landing on a flat surface)

    The high-quality LED design and bright light make it the brightest star in the night sky. Make the night flight brighter, and you can easily see the unmanned spacecraft even in the dark.

    Take the smart-wrist remote control and easily control FireFly™ with one hand, you can also use the one-touch, water droplet remote control which is an infrared take-off/landing controller, allowing FireFly™ to take off or land with a touch of the button.


    • Smart-wrist remote control design, FireFly™ will move by following your gesture making it extremely easy to play and control.

    • Long endurance lasting up to 20 minutes, with a removable battery and USB cable, it makes it much more convenient for you to charge.

    • Made of high-quality material, which reduces wind resistance, making your flight easy and smooth.

    • Put on the switch, throw FireFly™ into the air, and it will go into infrared obstacle avoidance mode, which has the function of avoiding any obstacles or people automatically.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x FireFly™ Quadcopter
    • 1 x 2.4G Smart-Wrist Remote Controller
    • 1 x Drip Remote Control
    • 1 x 500MAH Lithium Battery
    • 2 x Replacement Wind Blade
    • 1 x Screwdriver
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Watch Charging Wire
    • 1 x Instruction Manual

    Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.