GlueGone Car Adhesive Remover

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Product Overview

Instantly remove adhesive, tape & glue from your car surface with no sanding!Simply spray on the sticky surface to watch all the stubborn glue disappears!This surface-safe formula does not hurt your car paint. Restore all your surface safely like new again!Get this GlueGone Car Adhesive Remover now, so that you can stay away from the sticky mess forever!


  • Quickly Remove Sticky Mess!
    This fast, non-abrasive wipe-off formula dissolves adhesive residue & attachment tape effectively in no time!
  • Easy Clean in 1 Spray!
    Just spray & wipe to watch all stubborn glue disappears! No mixing & sanding is ever needed
  • Safely Restore Your Surface!
    No damage on car paint! Safe on nearly all surface like metal, glass, marble & floor tile

  • No More Tape, Glue Residue
    Clear everything from bumper sticker, label, glue, tape residue to removing surface contaminants during body repair
  • Multiple Use
    Safe & eco-friendly to use on your automobile & around the house!


  1. Spray adhesive remover directly on glue surface.
  2. Wait 1-3 mins for liquid to dissolve glue.
  3. Wipe with towel to clean the residue.


  • 1x GlueGone Car Adhesive Remover (100ml)

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