High Waist Shapewear Pant

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Product Overview

Some of the best moments in life… are the ones you can’t tell anyone about.

So go ahead, keep the secret shaping powers of the IdealShine High-Waisted Shaper Shorts to yourself. But there’s no denying the visible effect this whisper light and breathable shapewear will have on your confidence.

Comfy as a second skin, this innovative design moves with you, not against you. No roll down, no chub rub, just the sensation your day is shaping up to be an amazing one.



  • Wrap your curves in 360° of tummy-to-thigh smoothing comfort
  • Tames your tummy and slims your thighs for instant outfit confidence
  • Perfect under tight jeans, short skirts and your favorite dresses
  • Invisible under clothes. Bye bye pantylines. Hello smooth and sleek
  • Instant slimming and tummy tucking effect makes any outfit look 10X better


Why should you buy it?
89% of our customers take advantage of our amazing offer to buy 2 or 3 items. This allows them to rotate during washes and also to vary the colors.

Our High-Waisted Shaper Shorts adapts to all body types!

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