iPad Keyboard Case

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Product Overview

Turn your iPad into a Laptop with the iPad Keyboard CaseIt is a great combination of unique protective case and functional laptop-style keyboard.

It’s a clamshell case for your iPad with an attached Bluetooth keyboard. The case is an aluminum alloy case for your iPad armed with a backlit keyboard.

The keyboard can be charged – all it takes is approximately 2 hours – and you can use it for more than 6 days. Let this case be an efficient assistant for your convenient digital life.


  • Aluminum alloy clamshell case for your iPad.
  • Ultra-slim and portable design.
  • Comes with a backlit keyboard.
  • The backlight is fully adjustable to suit your eyesight.
  • Transforms any iPad into a Macbook.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Long battery life, function up to 6 days of continuous operation when fully charged.


  • Compatible model: iPad mini 1/2/3/4
  • Support Tablet Size: 7.9"


  • 1 x iPad Keyboard Case

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