Lice Hunter Bug Vacuum Comb

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Product Overview

Tired of spending long hours trying to eradicate pests and spending a lot of money on ineffective chemicals?

✔ Eliminates 100% of nits, lice and fleas
✔ In just a few passages
✔ Simple to use
✔ Suitable for all hair types
✔ Zero chemicals

Its use is very simple and effective for effortless and chemical-free pest eradication.

The pest will be sucked into the unit and then they will be trapped in the transparent filter.

Get rid of definitely nits, lice and fleas in a natural way in only 15 minutes !

In only 15 minutes, 100% of the parasites will be sucked up and enclosed in the disposable filter, which is inside the comb.

The filter is designed so that the parasites cannot breathe, they will die after a few hours in the filter.

 Zero irritation, zero itching !
The teeth of the comb are rounded and made of stainless steel in order to be extremely soft during use.

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