Magic Sweeper™ Multipurpose Broom

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Product Overview

Do you struggle with messes and food spills your child makes?

The Magic Sweeper Broom instantly removes milk, juice, baby food, snacks from hardwood, tiles, carpets, and any other surface.

A standard mop just smears the mess. Why should you spend all day cleaning instead of spending quality time with your little munchkin?

The Magic Sweeper Broom is very easy to use, simply wipe once with the ultra lightweight design to make cleaning any baby spill a breeze.

This broom is an eco-friendly solution to cleaning up any mess. Don't waste money on paper towels, or use harsh chemicals that can damage your child's health. Put your child's development as your #1 priority with this broom.

You'll be surprised to see how fast you can clean any mess your little angel might throw at you. You deserve a little time to yourself for all that you do for your child in your already hectic schedule. Why not let the Magic Sweeper™ make that time for you?

Designed with soft rubber bristles that is safe to use on hardwood floors. Each bristle creates a static charge that attracts dust, dirt and pet hair that will cut your cleaning time in half.

This rubber broom is the perfect solution for any parent who needs a little time saver to make life easier!

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