MAXSlim™ Butt Lifting Shaper

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Product Overview

Reshape your flabby tummy & flat butt!

 Butt Lifting Shaper maximizes slimming effect on midsection while lifting saggy butt, featuring 3 volcanic stone inserts Graphite for improving circulation.

The ultra-high waisted design fully flattens off belly rolls and supports back for natural S-curve posture. No more spare tires and loose skin on waist thanks to the optimal compression knitting.

Comprising unique 3D butt lifting cut, the butt shaper provides instant bottom enhancement effect without extra padding or surgical injection.

Embedded with 3 mineral stone inserts Graphite, it forms a magnetic field on micro-circulation with far infrared rays to boost blood circulation & fat burning.


  • ULTIMATE TUMMY CONTROL: Instantly reduce waistline with maximum tummy control & slimming effect.

  • BUTT LIFTING: 3D butt enhancement cutting to visually lift a saggy butt.

  • BOOST CIRCULATION: Promote blood circulation & calorie burning with 3 mineral stone inserts Graphite.

  • STRETCHY FIT: Elastic & wide waistband to snugly fit any body shape.

  • SMOOTH BULGES: Remove back bulges and belly rolls.

  • SEAMLESS: No-show and invisible for a flawlessly smooth look under any outfits.
  • BREATHABLE: Ultra comfortable wearing for a whole day with breathable & moisture wicking materials.


  • Size:
  • Color: Beige / Black / Gray


  • MAXSlim Butt Lifting Shaper x 1

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