Mosquito Killer Light Trap Bug Zapper Lamp

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Product Overview

MODERN BUG ZAPPER - Looks great while it traps mosquitoes, gnats, moths, fruit flies and more. 360-degree UV light attracts the small moths, gnats, mosquito and the built-in fan sucks and traps them in.

FAMILY SAFE & LOW NOISE - Chemical free, quiet UV light lamp trap with fan and timer. No scary, loud zapping sounds like electric versions. Family friendly that is safe for kids and pets.

EASY TO CLEAN - No glue boards needed. Removable insect trap bin that traps & kills the smallest bugs and mosquitos.

SMALL COMPACT DESIGN - 5W low power usage is energy efficient gnat. Portable design can be easily placed wherever you want indoors like the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Can also be used outdoors on the patio, backyard or deck.

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