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Pastry Roller Cutter (Set of 3)
Pastry Roller Cutter (Set of 3)
Pastry Roller Cutter (Set of 3)
Pastry Roller Cutter (Set of 3)

Pastry Roller Cutter (Set of 3)

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It's Time to prepare for the Parties' Snack!

Cutting the dough for your biscuit is one of the toughest parts in baking because you want it to be perfect for the presentation, and that’s where the Pastry Roller Cutter will come in handy!

The Pastry Roller Cutter is designed to provide precise cuts for perfectly even shape and size results. It will save you time in doing manual measurements and cutting using knives. With this tool, the cutting job is a lot easier!


  • Perfectly Even:
    It precisely cuts the dough to all be the same shape and size.
  • Easy Cutting:
    It frees you from doing manual measuring and cutting dough.
  • Ideal for Bite-Size Food:
    Also perfect for making dumpling, pie, empanada, ravioli, pot sticker, pierogi, bread, tart, mini pizzas, etc.
  • Cut Out Prep Time: 
    This rolling cutter helps you cut dough quickly. When it's rolled on the dough, successive motions, it continuous cut the dough in circles. 
  • Ergonomic Design:
    It is designed with non-slip nubs to give you ease in rolling and cutting.
  • Dish-Washer Safe:
    It is made of high-quality materials and easy clean design.


  • Flatten the dough.
  • Roll the cutter to the dough.
  • Remove the remaining dough without sticking.


  • Color: White/Yellow
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Circle - 18cm X 9xm, Big Square - 17cm X 7.5cm, Small Square - 13.5cm X 5.5cm


  • 1 x Circle Pastry Roller Cutter 
  • 1 x Big Square Pastry Roller Cutter
  • 1 x Small Square Pastry Roller Cutter