Quick and Easy Pepper Corer

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Product Overview

Introducing a handy kitchen tool that will help you corer peppers easily and instantly. We are happy to offer you the QUICK and EASY PEPPER CORER.

Quick and Easy Pepper Corer is a HANDY KITCHEN TOOL that is SPECIALLY MADE to HELP you EXTRACT STEMS and SEEDS from PEPPER.

It is made of HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE material making it DURABLE and STURDY. It has an ERGONOMIC HANDLE that ALLOWS you to have a COMFORTABLE GRIP.

Quick and Easy Pepper Corer comes in TWO SIZES the BIG ONE is IDEAL for PROCESSING BELL PEPPERS, Tomatoes or Strawberries and the SMALL ONE is for Small PEPPERS, Jalapenos, and more. It EFFECTIVELY CUTS DOWN the PREPARATION TIME. It WORKS WELL with ANY SOFT FRUITS and VEGETABLES. It is EASY to USE and CLEAN.  

Package Include 

2pcs x Quick and Easy Pepper Corer

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