Sculpting Sleep Leg Shaper Leggings

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Product Overview

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If you have swelling in your legs or circulation problems, the Sculpting Sleep Leg Shaper Leggings could be perfect for you!

These leggings are soft and made of 3D slim sculpture to keep your legs healthy and slim.  They are so comfortable that you can sleep in them and help your legs get back to their normal size.

These leggings help to shape your body so that you feel good and look great too!

These shaper leggings use a pressure system that helps to keep your legs in the perfect shape!

The great thing about these leggings is that it applies pressure to the leg, ankle and knee so that if you sit for long hours it can help you to burn calories and can help to increase your blood circulation.  

This leg shaping legging is perfect to help reduce swelling and get rid of varicose veins. 


These leggings are made of cotton, polyurethane and nylon materials and they fit medium and large up to size 20.

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