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Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher

Spider Catcher

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Get your home free from insects without killing them.

People in your house hates spiders, and these insects just keep on coming to your home to scare you. Capture and release them somewhere else safe using the Spider Catcher.

The Spider Catcher is designed to help you catch spiders and other insects using its gentle bristles without harming them. It has enough length to help the catcher get near the spider and catch them while keeping a comfortable distance


  • Catch Without Harming:
    The gentle bristles easily catch spiders and other insects without harming them.
  • Easy To Use:
    You just have to compress the trigger to open wide the bristles and aim at the insect. Then release the trigger to capture the insect. Press the trigger again to release the insect elsewhere.
  • Enough Length:
    It is 2 feet in length which makes it safe for you to spot the insect without getting near to them. It also allows you to reach the corners and ceiling easily.
  • Applicable on Most Insects:
    You can use it to catch different kinds of insects like spiders, cockroaches, mantis, stink bugs, grasshoppers, beetles and more.


    • Materials: PP + ABS + Polyamide + GPPS
    • Color: Green
    • Weight: 160g
    • Size: 66cm X 13.5cm X 6cm


    • 1 x Spider Catcher