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Time to get rid of the saggy lower body for summer! This unique 3-in-1 Butt Lifter, Thigh Trimmer & Tummy Flatter accessory is designed to enhance your workout it will trim your waist, melt fat, help to shed water weight and cellulite on your thighs and will shape and lift your butt!

Featuring high-quality spandex, the stretchy butt lifter conforms to your unique body shape for a perfect fit. Breathable and sweat-wicking material optimizes heat retention and fat burning during any workout. Rear circular cut-outs give you a boost and instantly lifts the buttocks for a more attractive appearance.

BUTT LIFTING & SHAPING: The Hip support thigh shaper is designed to provide three target compressions in your body you can slim your waist and your thigh, lift your hips in the same time, strong velcros in different areas can provide strong compression on your Waist and Hip.

REDUCES APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE: Superior quality fabric hides any flaws and accentuates your tummy, hip, and thigh by smoothing out unwanted bulges for a clean & confident waistline.

BIO-THERMAL LINING: Stores body heat for the ultimate warmth and comfort, providing high-performance insulation. Fabric fibres retain both body warmth and warmth generated by moisture absorption.

OPTIMUM PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION: Lined with soft velvet for all-day wearing comfort and grants a full range of motion without restriction. Offers optimum support while performing high-intensity exercises.

STRETCHY INTERLOCK-KNITTraps heat and offers an ultra-flattering fit

BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-WICKING: Converts excess body sweat to heat and dries moisture quickly to prevent bacteria growth and odour.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Made with Extra Thick, Latex-Free Neoprene Material that increases thermogenic activity to sweat more and get Sculpted.

ALL-DAY COMFORT: Suitable for daily wear to keep warm, help sweat during sports and fitness, burning excess fat in the lower tummy while also lifting the butt and enhance the hips area while working out, walking, cycling, doing chores or lounging at home.



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