Waterproof Glitter Paint Marker (10-Pack)

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Product Overview

Extra touch of fun & delightful! The Waterproof, Glitter Paint Marker takes writing and drawing to the next level! Add an extra sleek sheen to homemade cards crafts and colourful art projects! Kids-friendly& safe! 

Rich metallic colors work perfect on dark surfaces and paper!!! Quick-dry, Non-toxic, Acid-free! Permanent on almost any surfaces.No allergic materials, No Harm and 100% kids-friendly!

Ideal for arts, crafts and DIY projects. It comes in 10 colors per 1 set/pack.  Markers are made comfortable and easy to hold! Fine point tip gives 2mm line, evenly glided and multi-functional!



  • Rich & Radiant Metallic Colors
    Great Colors, Sparkling and Glittery!

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