Wheel Rims Cleaning Brush Brake Dust Remover

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Product Overview

EFFECTIVE WHEEL CLEANING - Wheel Rims Cleaning Brush (3-pack set) makes your car wheels and rims spotless by easily reaching hard to reach spots and tight crevices. Remove brake dust, oil, dirt, grime and other harmful debris from any surface without damaging your wheels.

SAFE TO USE ON ALL WHEELS - Flexible bendable design allows you to angle the brushes for complete cleaning coverage. Absorbent synthetic wool microfiber will not scratch your car. Cleaning fibers are plush enough to work well with soapy water and long enough to reach into deep wheel wells

3 PIECE SET - Large brush for reaching deep into wheels and cleaning the wheel wells on vehicles and RVs; Medium brush for medium to small wheel gaps, air diffusers, door jams, and engine areas; Small brush small gaps such as grills and narrow spoke wheels.

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